Monday, 19 May 2014


Liverpool is full of pubs. Like, absolutely jam packed full of them. Come to think of it, for a city of it's size there is actually quite an inproportionate amount of pubs...not that I am complaining!!

With all the glorious sunshine we have been having it was only right that I set out to find somewhere with a lovely little pub garden in which to enjoy a shandy or two (on a side note, why do no pubs ever have diet lemonade?).

After strolling the docks and spying more than a few spots to try at a later date (will talk about those in a seperate post) we settled upon the Cornmarket.

This place looks old school, but is super cute and has a lovely little beer garden out the back. Seemed like everyone had the same idea as us and the beer garden was jam packed, so we settled for a little fire escape out the front with just the right amount of shade to sun ratio. It was lovely!!