Tuesday, 20 May 2014


A-line style, mid length skirts are something I have been really into lately. Of course this style makes a bit more sense here in the UK where it is now just going into summer, but as you will see from some of these style pics it is a look which can, if done right, be worn through all seasons. 

I am especially loving them when worn with a lace up boot style sandal, post to follow. 

Top picks:

G21 Sheer Panel Midi Skirt,

Zara A-line Skirt with Waistband,

Asos Premium Prom Midi Skirt in Texture,

Pictures / links below. 

I picked myself up this bargain G21 Sheer Panel Skirt in Asda for £16. As you know I love monochrome and a simple colour makes it a bit more versatile and can even be worn in the office. 

Both Zara and Asos both have great options in this style as well, definitely worth checking out if like me you have caught the ladylike bug. 

A-line Skirt with Waistband, Zara, GBP £39.99

Monday, 19 May 2014



Liverpool is full of pubs. Like, absolutely jam packed full of them. Come to think of it, for a city of it's size there is actually quite an inproportionate amount of pubs...not that I am complaining!!

With all the glorious sunshine we have been having it was only right that I set out to find somewhere with a lovely little pub garden in which to enjoy a shandy or two (on a side note, why do no pubs ever have diet lemonade?).

After strolling the docks and spying more than a few spots to try at a later date (will talk about those in a seperate post) we settled upon the Cornmarket.

This place looks old school, but is super cute and has a lovely little beer garden out the back. Seemed like everyone had the same idea as us and the beer garden was jam packed, so we settled for a little fire escape out the front with just the right amount of shade to sun ratio. It was lovely!!


Obviously a big part of being in a new city is exploring all the new places. Finding your new favourite bars, cafes, restaurants and of course SHOPS!!
My time exploring Liverpool has taught me one thing, the shopping here just doesn't get better than Liverpool One.
Since I was loving it so much I thought it only right that I offered up my services to write them a little guest blog post highlighting all the best lip trends from their vast array of stores in order to promote their 'All Dolled Up' event.
If you are feeling like shaking up your lip routine you can check out my blog post here.
Happy pouting ladies xx

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Cavern Club Liverpool

I currently find myself in Liverpool, UK; famous for producing The Beatles and more notably the "Scouse Brow" (if you don't know what this is, please get on Google and check it out - guaranteed laughs!). 
Liverpool is a compact city but with loads packed in. Great shopping with all the high street favorites, LOADS of bars and restaurants, history, culture and how could I write about Liverpool without mentioning the infamous Lambananas. 

In a nutshell I would say that if you find yourself travelling round the UK and fancy a city break then definitely consider visiting Liverpool. 

For shopping you cannot go past L1 which also has great bars and restaurants to stop for a bite to eat and a tipple. 

For a drink you have got to visit the Albert Dock, old school buildings with modern fresh interiors and plenty of space. Albert Dock is also home to the TATE Liverpool, so you know it's cool. 

But the best way to see the city is to stroll around and stop anywhere that tickles your fancy and I am sure that plenty of places will! 

Albert Dock Liverpool
Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool Town Centre

TATE Liverpool Albert Dock

TATE Liverpool Albert Dock

Albert Dock Liverpool

Superlambanana Liverpool

Pier Head Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool Town Centre

Crosby Beach Liverpool

Spring in Liverpool

Liverpool Town Centre

Matthew Street Liverpool

St Georges Hall Liverpool

Liver Building Liverpool

Crosby Beach Liverpool

Goodison Park Liverpool

Liverpool Town Centre